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2002 Kongres I

I International Congress in Poland on Control and Internal Audit

I International Congress in Poland on Control and Internal Audit
(at the start of the XXI Century)
12-14 September 2002. Krakow, Poland

Honorary Patron: Prof. L. Balcerowicz, President - National Bank of Poland

Principal Sponsor: Akademia Ekonomiczna w Krakowie
Principal Media Sponsor: „Rzeczpospolita”


The Concept of the Congress.

1. The First International Congress (in Poland) on the subject of Internal Audit and Control.

To date training sessions, conferences, seminars and conferences on the subject of business control and audit have been organised primarily, for people directly involved with the subject. The subject has not been presented to a broader audience of people who are or should be interested in it.

No event has yet brought together in Poland all the significant organisations that deal with the subjects of control, internal audit, risk management and corporate governance, as well as representatives of related professions.

This unique Congress, for the first time in Poland, will make possible discussion and exchange of views between people connected with the various aspects of auditing, control and supervision both in corporate organisations and in central and local government. It will encourage closer cooperation between these related professions in the further effective development of these important activities in Poland and in bringing Polish norms into accord with those of the European Union and international best practice.

Poland needs a Congress of this kind.

2. The Approach

The Congress will be composed of two separate parts:

1. Presentations

2. Workshops

In addition, organisations participating in or supporting/sponsoring the Congress will be able to present their own services and products on stalls in a hall set aside for this purpose.

The Presentations will be made by experts and will be short and compact dealing with individual subjects/topics (from 15 to 45 minutes). The materials will be collected by the Akademia Ekonomiczna in Krakow (renown State University) and published as a book. The subjects of the presentations will be topical aspects or problems connected with Internal Audit and Control or with related themes, such as corporate governance, risk management, external audit (the National Chamber of Certified Accountants/External Auditors and cooperation between internal and external auditors), control of corporate purchasing and supply processes, risks and opportunities in public procurement, etc.

Specific time will be available (during breaks and evening meetings) to develop contacts, exchange views and enter into discussions with the experts present.

The Workshops will be practical activities led by highly qualified experts. It will be possible to choose between thematic workshops or workshops for specific interest groups (e.g. IT auditors).

It will be possible to take part in the Congress as a whole or in either the presentations or the workshops). In addition, participants and prominent guests will be invited to an official reception, which will take place on evening of the first day of the Congress in the IBIS hotel.

3. The Location

The Congress will be held in newly completed facilities of the Akademia Ekonomiczna in Krakow (the principal Sponsor of the Congress) in a modern building with state-of-the-art facilities. The main hall can accommodate over 250 people. The workshops will take place in three halls, each of which has room for 100 people. Sponsors’ stalls will be located in a large sports hall (an integral part of the Academy’s new building), where refreshments will be served during breaks.

4. Honorary Guests

The Akademia Ekonomiczna in Krakow will ensure the attendance of important people from academic institutions and the local authorities of the Małopolski province and the city of Krakow.

Professor Leszek Balcerowicz, Chairman of the National Bank of Poland and Chairman of the Monetary Policy Council has agreed to be the Honorary Patron of the Congress. PIKW will ensure the participation of outstanding experts and representatives of Polish and European organisations. Apart from the National Bank of Poland, the NIK (Supreme Chamber of Control – equiv. To National Audit Office), Office of Public Procurement (UZP), the National Chamber of Certified Accountants/External Auditors (KIBR), ISACA, IIA Polska, the Czech Institute of Internal Audit, Olympus CEiRB, the Polish Institute of Banking (PIB), the Polish Corporate Governance Forum (PFCG), the Institute for Research into the Market Economy (IBnGR) will be participating. Amongst the participants from outside Poland are: the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS), the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, CATS International, SHAPE Management, a former President of IIA – UK & Ireland, former Director General of the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Audit (ECIIA) and World Ambassador of the Institute of Internal Auditors (The IIA), an expert from the USA (CIA, CISA, CFE). Representatives of The Italian UNICREDITO GROUP (and the major shareholder of PEKAO S.A. in Poland) and Deutsche Bank (DB 24) will also participate.

5.a. Presentations – Subjects

Agreed topics:
- Meeting European Union Requirements for Internal Audit and Governance

- The New IIA Professional Practices Framework: Raising the Standard of Internal Auditing Worldwide
- The bases of „Best Practice” in control and Internal Audit
- Internal Audit in Public Administration
- Understanding and Implementing the new IIA Standards
- Auditing Procurement – EU Practices
- Providing Added Value through Internal Auditing
- How Internal Auditing Provides “Objective Assurance”
- Re-engineering the Internal Audit Function
- Setting up an Effective Internal Audit Unit
- Risk-based Auditing
- Control & Risk Self Assessment
- After ENRON: the lessons for Internal Audit and External Auditors
- Fraud and the role of the internal auditor
- Audit and Fraud Examination
- From COSO, Cadbury and Turnbull to Corporate Governance
- Skills and Capabilities Expected from the new Internal Audit function
- Annual Controls Assessment Report
- Internal Controls and Internal Audit and the processes of Risk Management
- The importance of Ethics for Auditors

The above list indicates the range of topics to be covered in the presentations and panel discussions. Below is an example of the content of a typical presentation (on Business ethics):
- the increasing concern globally about ethics and integrity
- the importance of values
- the benefits to organizations of higher levels of integrity
- typical ethical problems faced by organizations
- lessons learned from ethics programs
- warning signs
- why people 'do the wrong thing'
- creating an ethical culture.

5.b. Workshops

Participants will be able to choose between three workshops, which will take place simultaneously. British experts will organise two workshops with case studies – on the Interpretation and Implementation of the New IIA Standards and on the Practical Problems of the Conforming to Professional Ethics. The Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) will lead a workshop on the Auditing of Information Systems.

These subjects have been chosen to complement the main theme of the Congress: Control and Internal Audit in the 21st Century and proactive adaptation to the practices and requirements of the European Union.

6. List of Key Speakers


Polish Delegates

1. Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz – President, National Bank of Poland
2. Prof. dr. hab. Ryszard Borowiecki - Rector: Akademia Ekonomiczna w Krakowie
3. Dr. Zbigniew Paszek – Director: Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości i Zarządzania Akademii Ekonomicznej w Krakowie
4. Tomasz Czajkowski – President: Office of Public Procurement (UZP)
5. Jacek Jezierski - Vice-President: National Audit Office (NIK)
6. Piotr Rojek – President: National Chamber of External Auditors (KIBR)
7. Jerzy Korytowski - President and Mirosław Forystek – Vice President: ISACA PL
8. Maciej Dzierżanowski - representing: Polish Corporate Governance Forum (PFCG) and Institute for Research on the

Market Economy (IbnGR)
9. Danuta Lachowiecka - President: Olympus CEiRB
10. Edmund J. Saunders, FCIB – President and Maria Wojciechowska-Chracewicz - Vice-President: Polish Institute

of Internal Control & Audit Group (PIKW Group)
11. IIA POLSKA – Member of the Management Board

Awaiting confirmation: Ministry of Finance

Delegates from Abroad

12. Inz. Rodan Svoboda – Member of the Management Board: Czech IIA
13. Fabrizio Picciaia - Delegate of UNICREDITO Banking Group from Milan, Italy
14. Neil Cowan – Former President of IIA-UK (1992-3), Former Director General of the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Audit –ECIIA (1998 - 2002), IIA Ambassador to the World, Member of the Supervisory Board: Polish Institute for Professional Development in Europe – PIPDE
15. Tom McClurg – MCIPS, MICM, MinstD, International Expert and Managing Director: Shape Management Ltd.; Executive Director of PIPDE
16. Keith Wade – MA (Oxon), CPFA, PIIA, FIIA, Director CATS International - Consultancy and Audit Training Services, Executive Director of PIPDE
17. Roy Ayliffe - Special Representative of The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply – CIPS
18. Brian Thomas – B.Sc., FIIA, MBCS, Audit & Control Consultant, Member of Supervisory Board: PIPDE
19. Liam Fitzpatrick – Board Member: Oxley Fitzpatrick & Associates Ltd. Former Head of Internal Audit in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and British Steel Corporation. Expert in the conduct of IA workshops in Europe, The Americas and Asia
20. Dr Haluk F. Gursel - CFE, CPA, CGFM. President of the Central and Northern European Chapter of ACFE
21. Lucjan Ostruszka – CIA, CISA, CFE, Head of the Internal Audit Department, UBJ Bank, New York, USA and visiting lecturer at Akademii Ekonomicznej w Krakowie

All presentations will be in Polish and English (simultaneous translation)

On the evening of the first day of the Congress (12 September) there will an official reception for Participants and Guests at the Hotel IBIS in Krakow

Special accommodation rates have been negotiated at leading Krakow hotels: Hotel Ibis, Hotel Maltański, Hotel Regent, Hotel Rezydent, Hotel Saski through: “First Class” Bureau, 31-105 Kraków, ul. Zwierzyniecka 29
tel.: (012) 431 13 45, 431 13 73, fax: (012) 431 13 85, E-mail: fekrakow@firstclass.com.pl

List of co-organisers, partners and sponsors will be published shortly


SEE: www.pikw.pl