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2002 Kongres I



The Congress held on 12-13 September 2002 with Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz – the President of NBP – as an honorary patron, initiated by Edmund J. Saunders and Dr Zbigniew Paszek, and organised jointly by the School of Entrepreneurship and Management at the Academy of Economics in Kraków and Warsaw’s Polish Institute of Internal Control is history now.


The conference included 15 interesting and inspiring papers (in order of appearance):

  • The System of Internal Control vs. Internal Audit – E. J. Saunders, FCIB, CFE, PIKW/PIPDE

  • Annual Controls Assessment Report – Jacek Jezierski, NIK

  • The Changing Face of Internal Audit - Brian Thomas, B.Sc., FIIA, MBCS, PIKW UK

  • Professional Practice, the Importance of Purchasing and Supply Management – Roy Ayliffe, FCIPS, Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply - CIPS

  • Communication Audit - Wiesław Uziębło, Olympus CEiRB S.A., PIKW/PIPDE Group

  • Developing Internal Controls – Code of Corporate Governance PFCG - Maciej Dzierżanowski PFCG, IBnGR.

  • After Enron – implications of growing use of creative accounting - Lucjan Ostruszka CIA, CISA, CFE, UBJ Bank, New York, USA. Dr Piotr Buła, AE in Kraków

  • Public Procurement As an Element of Financial Management in Public Finance Sector and Relevant Controls - Włodzimierz Dzierżanowski, UZP

  • Internal Audit and External Auditors - Piotr Rojek, KIBR

  • The Role of Internal Audit In Crime and Fraud Cases - Dr Haluk F. Gursel, CFE, CPA, CGFM, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners/CANE from Geneva

  • Developing Internal Audit Function In the Czech Republic - Eng. Rodan Svoboda, IIA Czech Republic

  • Skills and Characteristics Expected From the New Internal Audit Function - Fabrizio Picciaia, UniCredito Italiano, Italy

  • The Principles of IT Governance - Mirosław Forystek, ISACA

  • E-procurement Audit - Tom McClurg - MCIPS, MICM, MinstD, Shape Management Ltd., PIKW/PIPDE Group

  • The New IIA Professional Practices Framework - Keith Wade, MA, FIIA, CPFA, PIIA, CATS International – Consultancy & Audit Training, PIKW/PIPDE Group



  • Interpreting and Implementing the New IIA Standards - Keith Wade, MA, FIIA, CPFA, PIIA. CATS International.

  • The Principles of IT Governance - Mirosław Forystek, ISACA.

  • Internal Audit in Central Government - Krzysztof Czerwiński, CIA, CISA. ARiMR.


Based on the evaluation by the participants we can conclude that the Congress has achieved its three primary objectives in terms of the content, social aspect, and media coverage. The presence of so many foreign speakers and the special delegation of external and internal auditors from Azerbaijan validate the international dimension of the Congress.


The organisers would like to thank:

  • Professor Leszek Balcerowicz – the President of NBP 

  • The speakers and workshop instructors

  • Prof. Andrzej Gołaś – the Mayor of Kraków, Jerzy Adamik – the Voivode of Kraków, and numerous institutions interested in the Congress topics

  • Prof. Ryszard Borowiecki – the Rector of AE in Kraków, and AE faculty members

  • All the institutions represented at the Congress

  • Mr Jacek Mazulis – simultaneous interpreter.

  • We would like to express special thanks to sponsors and media that advertised the Congress, particularly in the south of Poland. We have to distinguish media partners of the Congress, such as: Telewizja Polska S.A. department in Kraków, Polskie Radio S.A. Program I – Radio Business, Rzeczpospolita and Dziennik Polski, as well as Gazeta Prawna; the Academy of Economics, Cadbury-Wedel, Lotto, Nesbru, Okocim, Sawan and Pożegnanie z Afryką.


We also give our thanks to the often anonymous people who substantially contributed to making the Congress initiative worthwhile.


Encouraged by the level of interest, the organisers are planning for one more Congress that will take place in the second quarter of 2003.