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2011 Kongres X

10th Congress (english)

The 10th International Congress Internal Controls, Internal Audit, Governance and Compliance as tools for identifying and preventing Fraud and Corruption.

Since the beginning of the millennium this unique annual event has delivered the latest developments in internal control, internal auditing, risk management, corporate governance, compliance, anti-fraud and anti-corruption techniques; factors of critical importance in the effective management and control of public and private sector organizations alike.

In recent years Globalization, the 'Wider Europe' and the financial crisis have also brought unprecedented challenges to the workplace. Meeting these challenges head on is a difficult and often complex undertaking. While the perpetrators of corruption, fraud and abuse continue their assault this, the10th International Congress, continues the search for distinction in professionalism, protection, competence and superiority over those who would willfully damage our organizations.

Format of the Congress

  • This year's Jubilee Congress will be a fortification of knowledge and experience in critical activities of our areas of interest and is a 'must attend' event for Polish and international professionalsinvolved with these issues.
  • It will examine the relationship between internal control, auditing and anti-fraud issues on the one hand, and risk management, governance and compliance requirements on the other.
  • It will feature the latest corporate governance requirements, in particular those relating to compliance and enterprise risk management (ERM).

The Congress encourages closer co-operation between the professions bringing each country's standards into harmony with those of the European Union and international best practices.

The speakers

Speakers from Poland and other countries, who are recognised experts in their field will share their experiences and knowledge, inter alia:

  • The Polish Minister of Finance or his personal Delegate (to be confirmed)
  • Brian Gray – Head of Internal Audit Services (IAS) of the European Commission
  • Toby Bishop, Director of Deloitte Forensic Center, Chicago, USA, former President & CEO of ACFE Global
  • Dr Dimiter Dinev, CFE, Founder & Chairman of ACEF, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Fabio Tortora CFE, CICA – President OURNEXT. Former President ACFE Italy Chapter. President, IIC Italy
  • Rodan Svoboda, CIA – President, EURODAN, former Director General Czech IIA, Prague, The Czech Republic
  • Prof. dr Miroslav Milojević – Director, Institute of Economics & Finance, Belgrade
  • Caroline Waddicor Managing Director,  Hibis Europe Ltd., United Kingdom

Who should attend:

  • Internal and External Auditors (Accountants) and Controllers
  • Officers responsible for implementing and/or monitoring Internal Controls
  • Professionals with qualifications of leading international organisations such as:
  • TheIIC, IIA, ISACA, ACFE, ACCA, e.g.: CICA's, CCS', CIA's. CISA's, CFE's etc.
  • Officers responsible for quality assurance in respect of Internal Audit
  • Management and Supervisory Board Members, Members of Audit Committees
  • Risk Management, Compliance and Corporate Governance Officials
  • Officials of External and State Regulatory Authorities'
  • Public Procurement Officials, Purchasing & Supply chain process Managers
  • Senior Officials and Managers in local and central government.
  • Business Managers

The Congress is recognized as training by the Institute for Internal Controls – TheIIC and is allocated 18 credits. Please note, that the CPE credits earned through the TheIIC are NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy) approved. So, any other organisations who are NASBA members (e.g. IIA, ISACA, ACFE, ACCA) will accept these credits.

The Venue

The Congresswill be held in the Krakow University (Akademia Krakowska im. Andrzeja Frycza Modrzewskiego), ul. G. Herlinga-Grudzińskiego 1, 30-705 Krakow

Special Events

  1. The expression of support of the Institute for Internal Controls – TheIIC will be the Chairman’s, Dr Frank Nasuti’s letter addressed to the Organizers and Participants of the this Jubilee 10th International Congress and which will be read out as part of the opening ceremony.
  2. The Polish translations of COSO III: “Guidance on Monitoring Internal Control Systems” and Edmund J. Saunders new book: “Internal Control & Internal Audit in the Corporate and Public Sectors” will be launched during the Congress. These books as well as other publications, together with a special Congress commemorative stamp, will be available to Congress Delegates at a special discount price.

The importance of this assembly of expert speakers is reflected in the high quality and depth of know-how present in those who support and sponsor the Congress.