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2014 Kongres XIII

13th Congress - English version


"Strategy, tactics and mechanisms risk management abuse, fraud and corruption"


Cracow, 25-26 September 2014 



                                          Polish Institute of Internal Control                   


      For participation in the Congress will be awarded 12 points CPE 


The financial calamities in Europe and around the world continue unabated. The Eurozone struggles for survival and economic crime continues to rise. In this 13th year of the International Congress in Cracow we have stretched the boundaries in the search for professionalism, protection, competence and superiority in internal control, internal auditing, risk management, corporate governance and compliance, anti-fraud and anti-corruption techniques.


Format of the Congress:


This year’s Congress will:

  • Examine Internal Controls, Internal Audit, Governance and Compliance as tools for identifying and preventing Fraud and Corruption
  • Examine the relationship between internal controls, auditing and anti-fraud issues on the one hand, and risk management, governance and compliance requirements on the other
  • Feature the latest corporate governance requirements, in particular those relating to compliance and enterprise risk management
  • Encourages closer co-operation between the professions bringing each country’s standards into harmony with those of the European Union and international best practices
  • The Congress is a fortification of knowledge and experience in critical activities of our areas of interest and is a ‘must attend’ event for Polish and international professionals involved with these issues.


The Congress is a fortification of knowledge and experience in critical activities of our areas of interest and is a ‘must attend’ event for Polish and international professionals involved with these issues.


The Congress will be held in one of the most renowned universities of Cracow, accurate information will be posted after July 30


The topics will include:


  • Internet fraud, the characteristics of the phenomenon, a case study,
  • Analysis of the investigation in  identyfing and combating threats in the fields of fraud, abuse, extortion, theft and corruption,
  • Irregularities  in the tender proceedings and investment on the example of a large corporation,
  • Creating conclusions in the work of controller and auditor – impact of conclusions on the examined reality,
  • Minority report - fiction or the future,
  • EU funding in Bulgaria,
  • Setting key performance indicators for internal audit,
  • Organization of internal investigations in international company on hand of X,
  • Crime and corruption in business,
  • CSR in public institutions,


 The Principal Speakers

Speakers from Poland and other countries, who are recognised experts in their field, will share their experiences and knowledge.


Piotr Bogdalski - Commandant- Rector of the Higher Police School in Szczytno,

Jacek Bil - Head of the Department for the Study of Organized Crime and Terrorism Research Institute of the Criminal Crime and Terrorism Department of Homeland Security of the Police Academy

Piotr Caliński - Expert. Threats Corruption Prevention System/Director BKWiA large Joint Stock Company in energy sector,

Marek Dyjasz - an expertin the field ofpreventing and combating economic crime and corruption,

Dominik Hryszkiewicz - Director of the Institute of Social Sciences of the Faculty of Administration of the Police Academy

Waldemar Ignaczak - an expert in the field of criminal analysis (Inquiry) and information management of criminal,

Agata Domagala -Klimek - Expert in Internal Audit Department, Bank Pekao SA

Bogdan Klimek - Director of the Department Department of Security and Crisis Management Unit of the City of Krakow,

Rafał Krzemień - Member of the Audit Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Mieczyslaw Magierski - Director of Control and Internal Audit Joint Stock Company

Mariusz Piętka  - Commander of the Border Guard,

Andrzej Rokita - former Deputy Chief of Police,

Robert Rutecki - Head of the Department of Inspection and Internal Audit Vistula Border Guard

Anna Słodczyk - Advisor to the PIKW Management Board for ERM, Board Member of ISACA Katowice

Krzysztof Wiciak - Director of the Institute for the Study of Crime and the Criminal Terrorism Department of Homeland Security Higher Police School in Szczytno

and invited speakers from:






United States


The presentations will be translated simultaneously in English and Polish.


Who should attend?

If you are a professional involved in any of the critical professions listed below, this is a ‘must attend’ event:

•  Internal and External Auditors (accountants) and controllers

•  Risk Management, Compliance and Corporate Governance officials

•  Professionals with international organisations such as; IIA, ACFE, ISACA, ACCA, TheIIC, e.g.:    CIA’s, CFE’s, CISA’s, CICA’s, CCS’, etc.

•  Members of Management and Supervisory Boards

•  Members of Audit Committees

•  Officers responsible for quality assurance in respect of Internal Audit

•  Officials of External and a State Regulatory Authorities

•  Officers responsible for implementing and/or monitoring Internal Controls

•  Public Procurement Officials, Purchasing & Supply Chain Managers and Procurement Controllers



Cracow University of Economics

adress: Rakowicka 27 street, Cracow ( city center)


University                     History of University





Attendance fee:

Cost of Participation per person: €600 / US$800 / GBP 480


Applicable discounts:

Download the application form Application_form_2014_


A completed and signed application form should be sent to: email Addres / scan / biuro@pikw.pl or fax number: + 48 22 620 94 36


For registration and other additional immediate information please contact PIKW:


email Address: biuro@pikw.pl  

telephone: + 48 22 620 91 70

mobile phone: + 48 533 350 533


Note: Special rates can be negotiated for Public Sector Employees and Individuals in difficult circumstances i.e. students, unemployed, low income, etc.


The attendance fee includes: All Congress materials, lunches and refreshments, the cocktail reception and Gala Dinner (with Polish folklore show, music and dancing), but excludes overnight accommodation.


The organizers will be pleased to assist with hotel bookings and a sight-seeing programme will also be arranged (e.g. for accompanying persons). Cracow is an historical city (former capital of the Kingdom of Poland) as well as being the town most associated with the late Pope John Paul II. Optional visits to Auschwitz Concentration camp and the famous Wieliczka salt mines can be arranged.

Important Note:A final list of Sponsors will be available in the Polish language brochure and in Congress material available to Delegates and in the post-Congress report and publications.





Media Patrons:












View the history of Congress:


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In view of the emerging Internet of false information on the Congress (including those of its organizer), hereby declare and announce that the Congress since its inception (ie from 2002 onwards) was organized by the Polish Institute of Internal Control and Audit Sp. z o.o., based in Warsaw.

Only the Polish Institute of Internal Control and Audit Sp. z o.o. ( PIKW ) with its seat in Warsaw has the right to the organization of the Congress ( this Congress).

Consequently, the sole official and reliable source of information on the Congress is the website www.pikw.pl

We emphasize that all information relating to Congress published by other than the Polish Institute of Internal Control and Audit Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Warsaw entities (individuals, legal persons or entities without legal personality) is not a reliable source of information on this subject and may mislead the public.


The Management Board of the Polish Institute of Internal Control Ltd, based in Warsaw